Wine that sparks conversation, wrapped in art that fills the room

Welcome to Wilkie Wines,

Wilkie Wines offers a selection of small-batch wines made from grapes grown thoughtfully. The winemaking takes place on a little hill overlooking the country town of Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. Carefully nurtured wild yeast and bacteria, found in the vineyards and winery, are encouraged to prosper for naturally occurring ferments. The focus in the winery is on creating interesting wines with minimal intervention. Wines that are textural, bright and intriguing.  Art is also an integral part of Wilkie Wines and my talented cousin Kate Lewis creates these incredible oil-on-wood paintings to suit the mood of and tell a story for each wine. Our Grandma, Wilkie, would be over the moon to see us working together. Ironically, Wilkie never drank wine, though she did have a wicked sense of humour and would have appreciated the gesture.

I'm Tom and I hope you enjoy Wilkie Wines as much as I enjoy making them.

All of the wines have been made with intent and a whole lot of love on Wurundjeri country. 

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