The Winemaker

Tom, with his roots deep in agricultural science, sought a change in 2017. Venturing away from cropping and sheep farming, he found his calling in the rolling vineyards of Geelong, Victoria.

Entranced by grape growing and winemaking, he honed his craft through vintages in Geelong & California, USA. Until, with his experience and a postgraduate degree in oenology tucked under his arm, Wilkie Wines came to life in 2021.

"I find the prospect of making new wines each year and getting another chance to tinker with my process really exciting. I feel very lucky to grow fruit and work with fruit that other growers have clearly put a lot of effort into."

The Inspiration

Prior to 2017, Tom found himself at a crossroad, torn between pursuing a career in the arts, science or commerce, until, in winemaking, he discovered a harmonious convergence of all three.

Tom grew up on a farm in country Victoria, which led him to study a Bachelor of Agriculture at Melbourne University, majoring in Sustainable Production.

After completing the degree and working on broad-acre farms in Germany and at home, he felt that something was missing. That "something" was art.

Tom had grown up in a close-knit family in a house filled with, at times, pretty abstract and obscure art, thanks to his Dad.

It's no surprise that, when starting Wilkie Wines, the focus would be on converging art and wine, a combination that can be seen in both the wines and the labels adorning their bottles.

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