The Artist

Sydney born, Melbourne based, artist Kate McKenzie Lewis paints the original oil-on-wood pieces to match the feel and flavour of each wine.

Kate's style is steeped in the Australian landscape. Her manipulation of perspective, light and scale creates a blur between imagined moments and real memory.

To view Kate's art is to be transported to a familiar place, filled with the warmth of nostalgia.

The Inspiration

Each painting represents a significant moment, place or memory for Kate and Tom. They're often a nod to family members, both past and present.

For new labels, Kate and Tom will taste the wine together and chat about what has been significant in their lives of late. They'll share memories from their childhood and gasbag until something reveals itself to feel right for the wine.

If it either makes them laugh or pulls on their heart strings, it's then up to Kate to paint and cover the bottle with exactly that for others to experience with whomever they call family.

Kate, Tom & Wilkie

Kate and Tom are two cousins who are linked by their Grandma, Dawn Wilkie. The name, Wilkie Wines, and their collaboration carries happy memories.

If you'd like to chat to Kate about her art, you can find her here.