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Wilkie Wines

2023 'Fedora Tipper' Orange

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Tasting Notes

This is a wine to take to the park with your fedora and bocce set. Uncles welcome! 

It's pure apricots in a glass with heaps of stonefruit, bruised apple and these lovely, light, chalky tannins that hold it all together.


I requested a painting of this specific hat from Kate Lewis as I firmly believe Fedoras will be making a strong resurgence in the coming years and I would like to show my advocacy early, be ahead of that curve and part of the movement. 


50% Marsanne & 50% Grenache Blanc spent 10 days on the skins extracting colour and the light tannins we look for in orange wine. The blend then spent 2 months in neutral French oak to add to the wine's complexity. 

Wine Region

Riverland, South Australia

Grape Variety

Marsanne & Grenache Blanc


Bocce at the beach


11.45% Alc./Vol.