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Wilkie Wines

2022 'Snapper' Grenache

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Tasting Notes

Ruby Red - Savoury - Lightly Gripping Tannins

Strawberry - Toasted Coconut - Mocha - Jaffa


Kate Lewis paited the Snapper to commemorate the fish we caught using Christmas ham and a hand reel off the Swing Bridge in Lorne. At 10 years of age, we ran home and proudly presented the 30cm beauty to our parents who reacted with shock but happily inserted it onto the menu for dinner.


Lovely fruit from Humis Vineyard in Heathcote cold-soaked for 3 days before wild fermentation kicked off. Over the next 10 days, the fruit was handled delicately, extracting some great flavours and lightly gripping tannins. The Snapper was then lightly pressed into neutral French oak for full malo and winter hibernation. It was racked out of oak and bottled unfiltered and unfined with friends and family in January, 2023.


The vineyard is owned and managed by Hugh & Missy Jones who are on their way to receiving their Sustainable Winegrowing Certification ( which focuses on monitoring and improving the sustainability of the vineyards in the following areas: land and soil, water, biodiversity, energy, people & business and waste. According to Hugh, the soil is comprised of: “two metres deep Cambrian top soil (composted granite) that bleeds into cracking black clays. Good gear.”

Wine Region

Heathcote, Victoria

Grape Variety



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